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The Royal Bombay Yacht Club is situated in the city of Mumbai (originally Bombay). The Club, the oldest and most majestic Yacht Club in Asia, was founded in 1846 as the Bombay Yacht Club when the then resident British community took to sailing as a sport. Over the span of years the Club witnessed the changing scenario – from the early Lateen sail to the more recent class of boats, assuming the title “Royal” and the historical change in the country from a British Dominion to an independent India. Today the Club stands in testimony of its grandeur past to its current status as the premier sailing club in the country.

Besides extensive sailing facilities the heritage residential rooms of the Chambers offers a magnificent view of the famous Gateway of India and overlook Bombay harbour and the numerous yachts anchored at the waterfront. There is a treasure trove of invaluable yachting memorabilia and a storied celebration under every awning of the Club’s premises.

The Club has an elite membership registry with, inter alia, captains of industry, legal luminaries, medical specialists, professors of education, defence personnel and experts in the fields of accountancy, art, culture and heritage.